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Water, Which can be accessible only 0.03% out of 71% which covers earth’s surface is vital for all know forms of life. While half the world is at threat from six main diseases associated with poor sanitation and lack of safe drinking water, latest UN reports warn that 2.7 billion people in the world will face a severe water shortage by 2025. The international Atomic Agency estimates that more than 5 million people die annually as a result of waterborne diseases.

Express bottled water comes from natural sources like springs or wells that originate from deep within the earth. These protected sources are inspected, tested are certified by SLS befor being bottled to ensure that the water is stringently regulated, tested and is of the highest quality.


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The”SLS” mark is the product certification logo given by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) and it is a monopoly of SLSI against the product standard for the particular product. Express bottled water products comply with the requirements of SLS 894 (Specification of packaged bottle drinking water).
However much more requirements are to be fulfilled to get that certification such as factory conditions shall conform to SLS:143, process to SLS:1211,the quality system as per ISO:9000 or GL – CP 01 of SLSI.

SLSI - Quality Assurance:

Express Water will always ensure you on a regular basis. Armed with a various of bottle sizes, water dispensers and bottled water our delivery service has been regulated with home and office delivery options providing you all the convenience to enjoy the best bottled water.

Delivery at your Doorstep

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